• Spring Collection


High-quality materials plus the experience of workers and technology assistance let us produce shoes of high quality.

Company’s employees have been working in tandem for many years and love their job.

The materials that we use are made in Turkey, Italy, Poland and Ukraine.

Samples can be viewed at a factory and can be purchased or ordered in case the goods are available.

The model range of shoes is constantly updated!

The warranty period for the goods is 30 calendar days after the goods are purchased. In case of technical defects of goods that do not depend on the buyer are to be removed free of charge. Return and exchange of goods shall be provided in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.

  • Retail

    How to choose the right size? Stand on a line and draw perpendicular lines. It is necessary to measure standing, so the foot is longer. Be sure to measure left and right feet. Select the size of the foot longer. Each shoe model has a length of insole in the description, plus an extra length for each model size that appears after selecting the size above the words “Add to Cart”. Any questions? Then call us +380668309151 (but preferably between 10:00 and 20:30 hours. Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00. Sunday – Day off).

    Shipment is carried out by “New Mail” at the buyer’s expense. Addressed express delivery ( is carried out with full prepayment of the cost and delivery of the goods (100 UAH). Upon return of paid orders, the funds will be returned to the Client after receiving and checking the goods within 5 days.
    In case the goods are available, shipping is provided within three working days.

    In case the goods are not available, a period of Your order’s production and delivery is about 3 weeks.


    A minimum order is 10 pairs (you can order several models per one size). To make an order You should send to the e-mail magma-shoes@ukr.net information on sizes required, quantity of shoes, Your name and surname, Your phone number as well as photos attached (or links on certain photo of a shoes’ model). You will get all other details on ordering and paying from our consultant individually. An order is considered to be accepted after its payment and being confirmed by our consultant. Shipping costs are carried out by a buyer.


    In accordance with DSTU (State Standard of Ukraine) the warranty period of wearing shoes is 30 days.

    Under Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine warranty periods of wearing shoes shall be considered from the sale date or from the beginning of the season (winter range of 15.11 – 15.03; spring and autumn range of 15.03 – 15.05 and of 15.09 – 15.11; summer range of 15.05 – 15.09). Warranty does not cover worn-out insoles, tips and prevention caused by their period of use.

    Color lining under the influence of moisture and sweat can paint feet that is not considered as a production defect under DSTU (State Standard of Ukraine). Any shoe washing is prohibited.

    Return and exchange of goods shall be carried out within 14 calendar days from the date of their sale, in case the integrity of the packaging and the originality of the goods are kept. According to the laws of Ukraine, used commodity is neither exchangeable nor refundable.


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    188 Bohdan Khmelnytskyy Street, Lviv, Ukraine




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